Below is a list of our Committees and their Chairpersons.

Curriculum Committee

David Phelps and Serena Guerette, Vice Presidents - Develops the course schedule for each semester. They research and recruit Study Group Leaders to conduct classes. They determine what new courses might be of interest and what past popular courses could be offered again. They interact with Study Group Leaders (SGLs) who submit their course proposals for consideration and the venues that host our in-person classes.

Communications Committee

Douglas Fenichel, Chair - Coordinates communications to the membership and the public in mutiple formats.

Finance Committee

Diane Olin, Treasurer - Oversees and develops the financial standards by which we operate. Its purpose is to make sure that board members adhere to strict accounting policies and procedures so we can operate with transparency and fiduciary responsibility.

Nominating Committee

Sue Cohen, Chair - Presents a slate of candidates to the membership for election at the Spring Annual Luncheon Meeting. They recruit and interview candidates who have an interest in serving on the Board or as an officer of the organization. This committee normally meets in late winter to early spring and welcomes recommendations for potential candidates.

Social Events Committee

Susan Galli, Chair - Plans the social events for our organization such as the Annual Spring Luncheon in June and the Annual Holiday Event in December.

Strategic Planning Committee

Susan Vallillo, Chair - Assists the Board with its responsibilities for the organization's mission, vision and strategic direction.

Technology Committee

Robin Lewis, Chair - Responsible for the electronic functions of the organization, including our online registration process and Zoom, and works with other Committees to streamline their operations.

Volunteer Committee

Rita Esposito and Pat Maiorino, Co-Chairs - Recruits volunteers as requested to assist other committees in their work, arrange trainings as needed, and acknowledge volunteer efforts.

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